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Cookies for Grown-ups

Written by Kelly Cooper
Photos by Frank Anzalone
Hardback $23.99
Only $19.99 here

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Cookie-love is forever and yet for all the remembrances it evokes, our favorite childhood cookie is not always what we want. Even Proust lived on more than madeleines.

Our tastes change. As adults, we’re allowed to say “no” to milk, choosing instead a cup of good coffee or tea, a glass of wine, an icy cocktail or a stein of what’s on tap. Kelly Cooper knows this. She also knows how to concoct delicious, handheld treats—sweet or savory—to go with those libations.

Her sweet cookies brim with these and other fresh flavors, enhanced by surprise grown-up ingredients, such as Gruyère or Grand Marnier®. Unusual additions are carefully chosen to draw out the essential flavors of a cookie while adding another layer of pleasure to eating it. You may not be able to imagine precisely the favor fresh thyme does chocolate until you’ve sampled the cookie called Dark Desire.

Her savory cookies are also amazing. No solo baker invented the piquant cookie, but leading culinary writers are beginning to note that no one creates cocktail cookies better than Kelly Cooper does! Click here to see praise from the critics for Cookies for Grown-ups.

For any occasion, Kelly Cooper knows just how to mix beloved, familiar flavors with enlivening, new ones—and that’s the true secret of successful sophistication.

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Timeless Vietnam

Photographs by Canh Tang

Hardback $29.99
Only $24.99 here

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In this book you will find a new perspective on Vietnam as a place unaffected by strife and undiminished by modernism. The enduring acts of farming, fishing, trades and culture of this remarkable land come alive through its pages, providing insight into the core of the nation and the values of its people.

Timeless Vietnam, Canh Tang’s first book of photography, is a dazzling glimpse of an ancient culture that persists today much as it has for thousands of years. The motion and energy of life emanate from each shot. Colors interplay with form in photos of the silhouettes of fishermen on the shore against a pulsating sunrise. Detail meets simplicity in shots of skilled artisans chiseling intricate sculptures.

Complementing these extraordinary photos are translations of historic Vietnamese poetry that contextualize a land that has resisted imperial domination for thousands of years, forever retaining its unique character. The resilience and beauty of Vietnam and its peoples radiate through memory and serve as a testimony to what will survive.

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What Sea Creature Is This?

Written by Nancy Kelly Allen
Illustrations by Gloria Brown
Paperback $11.95
Only $8.99 here

What Sea Creature Is This? introduces each creature by revealing one or two sensational facts about it. No reader is left guessing. The author names each creature and the artist shows what it actually looks like in its watery home. The bonus is a funny drawing of every creature that will appeal to children’s imaginations and stick in their memories.

The animals and fish that live in the waters of the world are awesome. And they do the most amazing things. Some are shape shifters! One moment, the stonefish appears as calm as a rock lying on the sand. The next second, the fish looks like a fierce warrior. Among the magicians of the deep are the sea cucumber and the sea snake. If another sea critter threatens the sea cucumber, it gets so mad that it squirts its sticky insides all over the enemy. And if the cucumber loses a body part, it just grows it back. As for the sea snake, you can see its favorite trick right here:

When we can get a good look at shellfish or scaly fish or underwater mammals, they hold our attention. Some are beautiful; others are freaky looking. The appearance of a marine citizen is just the beginning of its fascinating story. Sea creatures do the strangest things. Most of their odd-seeming behaviors increase their chances of survival. Their weird ways help capture food or scare away those who would prefer to eat them.

This a fun guide to the lifestyles of the wet and squirmy.

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The Best Little Book of Preserves & Pickles

by Judith Choate

Paperback $15.95
Only $12.99 here
Inquiring minds will want to know: Was Shaker Lemon Sauce really so good that it substituted for sex? The answer is yes, although Shakers also enjoyed Blueberry Catsup and Green Tomato Marmalade.

These recipes and others for delectable versions of traditional jams and relishes give the reader benefit of newer, safer and easier jarring techniques. What comes from yore is the wisdom of starting with newly-picked organic produce to end with fresh-tasting results. Surprising, delicious notes enter conserves and dressings; urbane sauces and salsas will prove piquant accompaniments to entrees or give exquisite finesse to desserts. Treats include Gazpacho Sauce, Sichuan Pickles, Sambuca Romana Jam and White Chocolate Sauce.

The author doesn’t expect you to use kettles big enough to steam off the wallpaper or to have enough just-ripe figs on hand to put up dozens of pints of preserves. Rather, she guides you to making four to eight jars of a true gourmet delight, just enough for a couple of dinner or brunch parties, with a couple of jars left as gifts.

She will also tell you when you don’t even need the jars – that is when you can dispense with canning per se and refrigerate or freeze. Tuned to today, she considers what sugar substitutes work best and frankly advises when nothing but the genuine stuff will achieve the very best taste and color.

Judith Choate draws on a lifetime of experience to present her newly-tweaked versions of the very best preserves and pickles of all time. Her experience includes teaching at the French Culinary Institute, collaborations with chocolatier Jacques Torres and restaurateur Charlie Palmer among other internationally renown chefs, and preparing meals with four generations of her family.

“No matter how superb or unusual the commercial product, it will never equal the ultimate preserves made in your very own kitchen,” declares author Judith Choate.

It’s not just the love you add when you prepare and jar a jelly or jam, pickle or chutney, syrup or sauce that makes it so special. These recipes themselves are extraordinary. Ms. Choate, who has won James Beard awards for three cook books, is the go-to cook for both America’s top chefs and knowledgeable home cooks.

This book is about the very best of those little extras on the table that bring joy to the discerning diner. Many employ unique combinations of ingredients to achieve supreme flavor and style, but none is unnecessarily fussy or laborious.

The hidden ingredient in The Best Little Book of Preserves & Pickles is care.

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A Reader's Cookbook
by Judith Choate

Paperback $29.95
Only $19.99 here
ePub or Kindle
Only $7.98

It's all a matter of taste in literature and food. A Reader's Cookbook is that rare, graceful work that matches the locales  that we read about to what we can (easily!) prepare to eat and drink. Its apt and tasty literary quotes will be treasured by book lovers along with its 160 recipes offering genuine tastes of almost anywhere, including utopia.

A Reader's Cookbook will beguile the reader who likes discovering delicious new worlds in many ways.

"A Reader’s Cookbook encourages you to curl up not only with a good book but also a terrific collection of recipes. Judith Choate explores the surroundings of favorite authors with delicious results." – Nan Lyons, author of Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe and Around the World in Eighty Meals

“Judith Choate has masterfully created a delicious road map for a culinary journey around the world. It’s the perfect pairing to any book club.” –Charlie Palmer, of Aureole, Joule and other restaurants, hotels and wine shops across the country

“From beginning to end I feel like a Reader’s Cookbook is not just a cook’s dream but a book lover’s one as well.” - C.A. Webb, President of Conversations Book Club

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A White House Garden Cookbook:
Healthy Ideas from the First Family for Your Family

by Clara Silverstein
Paperback $24.95
Only $9.99 here

ePub or Kindle
Only $6.39

When Michelle Obama decided to turn a chunk of White House lawn into a vegetable patch, she was cheered by parents who want their kids to eat better and elders who recall victory gardens. This book chronicles the first year of the remarkable garden with its many dozens of vegetables and herbs, including descendants of seeds planted by Thomas Jefferson; its berries and the honey from the hives of First Family bees.

Mrs. Obama enlisted for her grand, green endeavor both staff and nearby school kids who learned much about there being a time to prepare the soil before you plant, times to harvest, and to cook and eat. You might think: Don't try this at home unless you can command an army of helpers. But wait—you (and your kids) can join a co-op garden or plant a few of your favorite things in window boxes. Or, you can shop for the seasonally-fresh and eat as well as do the First Family and their heads-of-state guests. Just follow the truly tempting recipes the author has adapted for family dinners. She offers two or three for each White House crop, with extras thrown in for Presidential desserts.

Boston Globe contributor Clara Silverstein is the mother of two and author of The Boston Chef's Table: The Best in Contemporary Cuisine and co-author of The New England Soup Factory Cookbook. She home-tested over 100 recipes for her entertaining account of the White House kitchen garden. To learn more, click here.

Also available in an ePub and Kindle versions, suitable for Apple products, which we can send by email for $6.39.

ORDER AT DISCOUNT NOW!A portion of the proceeds will go towards the fight against diabetes!

Around The World In Eighty Meals

By Nan Lyons
Only $19.99 here

ePub or Kindle
Only $7.98

New Technology:

The well-known travel writer and author of Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe offers you the armchair trip of a lifetime in this beautiful book with a unique 3-D cover. Buy this as a special gift for someone you care about who loves travel or great and sometimes exotic food. If you’re that person, treat yourself!

In this dynamic journey, Nan Lyons tracks Jules Verne’s hero, Phileas Fogg, from the Reform Club in London, across the Channel and through France and Italy, by steamship through the Suez Canal to Mumbai, across India by train and elephant, thence to Singapore and other East Asian ports before crossing the Pacific to San Francisco where Fogg boards another train only to be attacked by angry Indians before it reaches Chicago, his last stop before New York and a final steamer across the Atlantic to the British Isles, followed by a sprint south to the Reform Club where it all began.

You’ll be breathless in wonder, too, before Ms. Lyons’ own trip ends. Although she doesn’t actually travel by elephant or have a hostile encounter with native Americans, she has plenty of adventures of her own, many of a most toothsome sort. She wittily notes what she sees and tastes in 80 of the world’s most elegant or original restaurants, and also what is going on around them, whether in a urban park-like center, on the waterfront (or bouncing on waves), in a mall or in an exotic, twisting back lane.

Photos help you share her memories; recipes provided by top restaurant chefs allow you to taste some of the dishes she most enjoyed.
Around the World in Eighty Meals is an essential travelogue for gastronauts who delight in discovering the world's great cities through their culinary delights. Nan Lyons’ rollicking global voyage is seasoned with a tasteful and diverse collection of eateries that include the old and new, refined and rustic, cutting edge and classic. Each place has something important to say about where it is, and you can trust that each one is good.”                                                                                          — Danny Meyer
“This book is the next best thing to traveling with Nan Lyons. With a novelist's eye for delicious details, she takes us on a most memorable tour from her favorite London tea parlor to a Parisian sidewalk café to a New Dehli kebob factory and a parking lot that's home to Singapore's best chili crab.”                                              — Alex von Bidder & Julian Niccolini

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Art-filled Christmas books for under $10.

Each of the seven books in our Celebration! Series is a little beauty—a hard cover with an elegant dust-jacket and sixty-four thick pages with high-quality replications of 19th and early 20th century Christmas-card /images. The narratives by well-known authors are equally illuminating. And each is only $7.99 here.


You can learn more about any Red Rock Press Celebration book by visiting its page. Or you can look in other collections!










Children's books by Red Rock Press

We at Red Rock Press believe that every book should be a gift for the reader—a gift in words and perhaps illustration too; above all, a gift in meaning. The perfect book is one you want for yourself and your child, and one you want to give to someone else, too. We endeavor to publish such perfect books.

Some will amuse you, some will hearten you, some will enlighten you—some will even give you food for both thought and your plate. So please look through our menu of offerings, select the books that most please you—and enjoy!

—Red Rock Press