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Red Rock Press celebrates doing the right thing in its Virtue Victorious Series.

Each of these books is a high-quality collection of true, original and compelling first-person stories illuminating the virtue at hand. They also contain poetry, historical perspectives and lovely engravings on their subjects. Now available are:

FORTITUDE: True Stories of True Grit

Edited by Malinda Teel

Praise for FORTITUDE

"These stories will bring you to your feet cheering, and to your knees in awe and humility. A compulsively good read." —PAULA M. REEVES, author of Women's Intuition

"These journals of the heart will remind the reader of what greatness actually is." — BEN KAMIN, author of The Path of the Soul

"These are moving and splendid models for the old-fashioned virtues of pluck and courage. For all of us, they provide an inspiration to get unstuck, and for taking life on full force." — AUGUSTUS Y. NAPIER, co-author of The Family Crucible

Review Sampler

"Most of FORTITUDE's pieces are plainspoken, prose narratives whose honesty gives them remarkable eloquence. The book reminds me of the chronicles of the great working-class Chicago writer Studs Terkel." — Jeremy Marster, Inside/Outside Magazine

"Gripping stories that will hold [reader] attention." - Booklist

"I had been lost in New Mexico's Peco Wilderness for several days...I had dropped ten pounds. I’d started shivering. The night was cold. The troubling question was whether the shivering would be terrible for a long time or I would die quickly...

"Then my 4-year-old daughter’s face floated in the thin mountain air like a hologram. ‘I’m not going to die,’ I said aloud. I took my knife and began building a trench..." - Garry Cooper, Illinois

"One October night as I stepped out on my porch to call my cat, a man grabbed me by the throat, dragged me inside, bound me and brutally beat me...The events of that evening took five hours; healing from the emotional trauma took eleven years..." - Linda Langstraat, Georgia

Malinda Teel was a writer and Atlanta-based psychotherapist, specializing in couples. Malinda Teel solicited and beautifully edited essays and anecdotes for this book while she herself was fighting ovarian cncer. Sadly, after years of sturggle while she smiled, Malinda succumbed to her singular oponent. We miss her.

CHARITY: True Stories of Giving and Receiving

Edited by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer 
Available as an e-book from Apple/ibooks and Amazon


Checkout Rosemerry Trommer's holiday poetry collection:, Celebration: The Christmas Candle Book.

"CHARITY is a spiritually enriching saga of people who reach out and touch the lives of others. A real soul lifter." — CLIVE CUSSLER, author of Atlantis Found and other bestsellers

"This collection's powerful stories of compassion move us to tears; the triumphs of these individuals make us realize that behind every evening-news statistic is a living, breathing human. I'm humbled and transformed by reading this book."

"Touching, powerful and sweet, these stories remind us how much we are all one family." — PETER YARROW of Peter, Paul and Mary

"These evocative vignettes of compassion show that we really are created in God's image." — MARVIN OLASKY, author of The Tragedy of American Compassion and, with George W. Bush, Compassionate Conservatism

"These authentic, compelling stories of gifts offered, accepted and returned in a new way enrich us all. CHARITY reminds us that anyone who feeds the hungry or holds a child's hand is part of an ennobling cycle of love." — GRETCHEN BUCHENHOLZ, Director of the Association to Benefit Children.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer is a prizewinning poet and the author of Celebration: The Christmas Candle Book. She lives with her husband and children in Colorado.

HOPE: True Stories of Answered Prayers

Edited by Sophie Lalazarian 
Available as an e-book from Apple/ibooks and Amazon

"The Statue of Liberty gleamed in the brilliant sunshine outside our living room windows on the morning of September 11, 2001 . . .Nine months pregnant, I touched my stomach and thought about how the baby would arrive any day now. . . It was about a quarter to nine when I heard something outside. I went to my kitchen where through a narrow window I glimpsed a huge plume of smoke obscuring the twin towers of the World Trade Center. My first thought was this could not be possible. But it didn't stop. This wasn't a movie. This was real."
—Amy Chernoff, New York, N.Y.

"During the fall, life had two constants: church on Sunday mornings and football on Friday night. The minister had our respect but it was the coach and his 11 disciples who got our blind faith. My goal, the one that seemed so impossible for a girl to achieve, was to be a real football player."
—Jodi Benson, Minnesota

Sophie Lalazarian is the editor of HOPE: True Stories of Answered Prayers.


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